Chicken taco with chicken nachos @Tacolisa, Croydon.

There are a lot of takeaways in Croydon and the standard is, on the whole, pretty woeful.

Within the space of a few hundred yards there is a Chicken Cottage, Morley’s Chicken and Ribs, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chicken Palace, Battery Hen Emporium, Deep Fried Nugget House, You Get The Picture In Spicy Batter With Chips, Kebabs Etc, Chicken Etc, Etc.

And then opened Tacolisa, a Mexican takeaway that was serving something other than fried chicken and amazingly it was open longer than a week.

I went in and tried it. They seemed surprised they had a customer. It was good. The taco was fresh, well spiced and rammed full of a decent guacamole/salsa/salad combo. It lacked a punch and the hot sauce on the table was a bit to meh.

Then the Tacolisa boys joined twitter and went all trigger happy on their marketing. They invented a Mexican placard wheeling superhero called the Tacoman saving the world with BOGOF vouchers.

Months passed before I re-entered armed with a yellow card from the Tacoman.

For the price of a McDonalds Amir bagged me up a steak quesadilla and a chicken taco. The boys listened to my previous review and have added a couple of hot salsa’s to the mix, one of which is made from scotch bonnets and will blow your bloody doors off.

The quesadilla isn’t really a quesadilla, there is a lot more than just cheese here, but the steak filling is very good. Slow cooked and tender, saucy enough to dribble down your chin but not reach your tie. The taco was as good as before.

I ate them both in 5 minutes fat, but rest assured these are not small portions, I’m just a hungry guy.

I’m a massive fan of The Mission, a boutique Cal-Mex burrito chain in my childhood home, Oxford. Their Carnitas -pulled pork – burrito is the perfect way to start a night out. Tacolisa is halal so there is no pork in sight, the spicing on the chicken and beef goes some way to making up for it.

It’s an independent gem and I recommend you try it. If they remove anything ‘chicken caesar’ from their menu and stick to their Mexican guns I might even forgive the disappointing lack of Oink.

The nitty gritty:

You can get a meal and a drink for a fiver.

Tacolisa, 90 High Street, Croydon



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