Uncle Lim’s

Uncle Lim's Hainan Chicken Rice - Big chicken hug on big white plate.

I have previously mentioned the sprawling vomit of fried chicken providers that infects the streets of our once fine town.  It is amazing, considering the number, how piss poor, pants, and disgusting all of them are.

There is a place to buy nice chicken in Croydon. It’s called Uncle Lim’s. You will find Uncle Lim’s upstairs in the Whitgift Centre. The bit near JJB Sports  that is opposite the inside part of WH Smiths. Admittedly not the most picturesque location for a restaurant.

Uncle Lim doesn’t fry his chicken, he boils it in stock. Presuming he cooks in the kitchen may be far-fetched, but I am a romantic, which is necessary if you are to extract any joy from this part of town. I don’t know what else he does to the chicken but it’s clever.

He put’s it on a plate with some deeply savoury chicken rice and the two favourites of the vegetable fruit debate – cucumber and tomato.

You get this dish if you go on the weekend and order Hainan Chicken Rice, I would avoid all the stagnant stuff in trays behind the glass. It just will not be as good.

I have never even eaten Hainan Chicken Rice before so, unlike all the other bloggers in the inter-world, I can’t claim this is the best Hainan Chicken Rice in London.

I can however say this: it is the best chicken lunch in Croydon by a very large distance.

Update 17/5/2011:

I went back to Uncle Lim’s this weekend and ordered a different special, adventurous me. I ordered Nasi Lemak, a chicken curry served with coconut rice, peanuts, dried anchovies, boiled egg, cucumber and a spicy sambal.

It smelt like dead fish and some of it tasted like very dead fish which is great because I love dead fish.

On a serious note this was dead good, almost as good as the Nasi Lemaks I have eaten in Malaysia and Singapore and stuff.

So that’s another reason to visit Croydon, and the Whitgift centre.

The nitty gritty:

Hainan Chicken Rice costs about 6 quid, is very big, and is only served Friday/Saturday.

Uncle Lim's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Uncle Lim’s, Whitgift Centre, Croydon.


4 thoughts on “Uncle Lim’s

  1. Agree with everything you said, portions are out of control massive for £6, and who knows where it ranks in the Chicken rice premier league, all we know is that it is fantastic.

    So glad you liked the chinese rice, and the word should be spread far and wide, and everybody who lives within the M25 should take time out on a Saturday to pay a visit to Uncle Lim’s modest little cafe-restaurant in the Whitgift (of all places).

    In my humble opinion, his recipe is good enough to be popular, even if it were based in a food hall in Kuala Lumpur.

    I’m due a revisit.

  2. I tried this at the weekend
    The flavours were very nice and good portions, and as you say you can get a lot worse chicken in Croydon.
    Unfortunately some of my chicken was only warm
    It is a shame that Malay House has recently closed down in Addiscombe as that was a real gem of a place for Malaysian food.

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