Sourced, St Pancras Station

Train stations are notoriously terrible for eating in. There’s a good cafe serving bacon rolls and porridge at Carnforth Station, but for most people Carnforth isn’t a regular stopping point.

St Pancras International is a bit more in the thick of things. You can get the train from Kings X/ St Pancras to exciting places like Paris, Edinburgh, Sunderland and Bedford. It really is a jet-set sort of place.  There’s quite a few options for food too, most of them crap. Yo!Sushi, Pret, Costa, OverpricedBurgerCo, and you get the idea. There is also Sourced, a sort of market come takeaway come deli come cafe. And it’s OK, as far as these things go.

The cheese and meats are sourced from someone reputable at Borough and the cheese I tried was good if a little too cold. The staff seems to know what they are talking about – which is rare. The beer and wine selection from their off-license corner is exceptional. Wine corkage is about a quid.

For a quick-lunch en route oop north I had English Ploughmans, a mountain of Cornish Yarg, Curworthy, and Stichelton. Even with a £5 price tag there was enough cheese on the plate to give me nightmares for a week.


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