Koya, Frith Street – Soho

Udon Noodles
You ain't done noodles till you've done Koya's Udon noodles

I wrote a post a few weeks back in which I suggested that Miso Noodlebar was a bit shit.

Well Koya is a noodlebar that IS a bit good.

It is on Frith Street in Soho and is usually full of Japanese people and people who want to be Japanese people and people who believe the hype on Urbanspoon.

I was seated on a itsy-bitsy nursery style wooden chair and presented with a cold bottle of tap water. Another solo diner was plonked diagonally across the table and looked awkward and unfriendly, so I didn’t chat. I imagine she was thinking the same thing.

Koya’s speciality is udon noodles. They make them on site with their knees, or feet, or something. You can have udon hot or cold with broth that is hot or cold and vice-a-versa.

I chose at random because I didn’t quite understand. Cold udon with a hot pork and miso broth. The noodles and broth were served in two seperate bowls with a spoon. Do I add broth to noodles? Noodles to broth? Eat seperately? If someone has the answer I would like to know.

I sat slightly perplexed at how I was to tackle this bouncy tangle of udon with a spoon, then I found some chopsticks hiding behind some napkins and attacked the dumpy worms.

I slurped and chomped and splashed and wiped and slurped and burped. I put hot on cold and cold in hot and ate them separately. It tasted special every which way.

The noodles were firm and bouncy and long and chewy – a world away from anything udonish I have been conned into eating before. Koya udon noodles redefine what a noodle should be.

And then there was the broth.  An umami rich miso soup surrounding an island of sweet pork shards, I’m not sure what part of a pig it was but it should probably be called the shitting tasty bit.

I finished the lot in my own unique style. I don’t know if I ate it right, but I damn well enjoyed it, which is good for me.


Koya on Urbanspoon


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