No, it isn’t a statue of Linford Christie. Baguette Dong is a food stall. Just in the inside bit a little bit up Brick Lane. Opposite the hair cuts. Thats a terrible description, good luck finding it.

This food stall is rather like every other food stall on or beside or behind Brick Lane on a Sunday, in that it serves a decent meal for about a fiver. In this case £4.50, or £4 if you aren’t feeling the special.

Baguette Dong serves Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich full of pork and wonder. The special is spread with mayonnaise, then chilies, and a pork pate. Thin slices of a cold pork sausage of considerable girth are neatly arranged inside with strips of pork belly from the grill. Coriander, cucumber and carrot provide a pleasingly alliterative garnish.

Disappointingly the chilli failed to make an impression and my Banh Mi was lacking some bite, all a little one paced. That said, it was a fine snack. A sandwich worthy of most Olympians’ lunch boxes.


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