I ran to work this morning along the Thames. When I reached Hammersmith I was met by a couple of young ladies handing out ZiCO coconut water. They told me it was healthy and is good for rehydrating after exercise. This is true. It is.

Unfortunately it tastes awful. It is the only drink in the world that starts with fresh armpit and finishes with champagne hangover. The drink is made from concentrate and it shows. ZiCO has all the qualities of a bounty-bar’s urine sample.

I am a big fan of Wonderfarm Coconut water,which is not made from concentrate and has spunky chunks of coconut pulp to get your teeth into. It is refreshing, healthy and good for rehydration AND it tastes nice.
VitaCoco is another Coconut water option that comes in lots of flavours like mango and pomegranate. A bottle costs more than a small house in Runcorn.

In conclusion: Good try ZiCO, and thanks for the free sample. Make your water taste better and I might consider buying it.


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